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Keep a lookout for the State of Connecticut Defined Contribution Plans Virtual Webinars schedule. These webinars address topics like how to better manage your account as you approach retirement, important factors to consider when addressing asset allocation and the benefits of rolling money into your existing State of Connecticut Retirement Account. Webinar schedules are updated periodically on the group meeting calendar found on the Meet Your Counselor section.

Additionally, you can learn more about Contribution Accelerator PDF file opens in new window, a new plan feature that will help you reach your savings goal gradually, by letting you schedule automatic, annual increases to your 403(b)/457 plan account contributions. It is available at no additional cost, and you can make changes or opt-out at any time.

And remember, you can always set up a phone or virtual one-on-one consultation. Go to the Meet Your Counselor section of the website and click on your work location to contact your counselor today.

Questions? Call Prudential Retirement: 844-505-SAVE (844-505-7283)*

*Hearing Impaired: Call (TDD) 877-760-5166

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