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The tax-advantaged State of Connecticut Defined Contribution Plans may be your best opportunity to fund the future you want—but it's up to you to take advantage of this great benefit. Here are five moves to consider now.

1. Enroll

From automatic payroll deduction to automated investing services, a comfortable financial future is in your hands—but the sooner you start, the more time you have to save to reach your destination. What are you waiting for? Find the plan(s) for which you're eligible and get started building your nest egg today!

2. Register

If you're already in a plan (or two), set up your account online link opens in new window, set your contribution rate, review or update your investments and beneficiaries—and start taking advantage of a wealth of tools and resources from Prudential.

3. Allocate

After how much you save, how you invest is the most critical factor in meeting your retirement income goal. Luckily, your plan offers different ways to build a well-diversified portfolio: DIYers can choose among investment options that cover all the major asset classes. Or, for a truly personalized approach, the GoalMaker® optional asset allocation program makes it easy to create and maintain a sound portfolio based on your "investor style" and expected years to retirement—at no extra cost to you.

4. Meet "RIC"

RIC—aka the Retirement Income Calculator link opens in new window—may just be your new BFF: This powerful online tool helps you define your income goal, shows you if you're on track to meet it, and gives you specific steps to take if not. Best of all, RIC updates every time you log in link opens in new window to your account, so you'll always know where you stand—and where you may need to go—on the road to retirement readiness.

5. Simplify

If you have retirement accounts outside the State of Connecticut Defined Contribution Plans, you may be able to roll them in link opens in new window to your State plan account—and simplify your financial life. Consolidation can offer a number of benefits, but it may not be right for everyone. Prudential retirement counselors can help you weigh your options—and walk you through the paperwork, step by step.